About Us

Who we are

Greenland Global Insurance Services, LLC, was established as a broker firm in 2013 by Hadi Mahdavi as a means of putting over a decade of experience in the insurance industry to good use. Hadi started the company with the intent of creating a small but reliable independent insurance firm, and that is what we are.

Greenland Global represents dozens of insurance companies and services clients in several states, and despite (or perhaps because of) this, we pride ourselves on our ability to form lasting and understanding relationships with our clients—both companies and individuals. Our reputation in this regard has led us to being included amongst the firms of the Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers (PIIB).

And though we are based out of the Bay Area, our reach extends far beyond; we do not consider ourselves an asset to a specific community, but rather a company whose goal is to provide coverage opportunities to anyone in any community whose circumstances permit our assistance.

What we do

As with any small business, Greenland Global’s goals are ever-changing, but there is one constant: we want to make sure our clients know we have their interests at heart. We are not here to sell insurance; we are here to help you find the coverage you need and match you with the right provider.

Our reliability comes not from a wealth of resources, but from expertise. Experience and practice mean we are veterans in our field, and we’ve seen it all. Homeowners living on fault lines, professionals in need of oral surgery, collectors of rare antique cars—we know what you need and how to get it to you hassle-free. No matter how dire or unusual your situation, you can count on us.